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Displaying a repeat within a repeat in VF page


Based on my earlier question i had built up a wrapper class to display in the format below.

  Area            Allocated   Currently available
 - New York       20              15
    Vendor1       10              10
    Vendor2       10              5

 - Philadelphia   10              8
    Vendor1       5               5
    Vendor2       5               3

public class HDDevicesbyArea
        public string HD_Area{get;set;}
        public double HD_Current {get;set;}
        public string HD_Allocated {get; set;}
        List<HDDevicesbyVendor> ListHDDevicesbyVendor {get; set;}
        public HDDevicesbyArea ( string HD_Area_v, string allocated_v, List<HDDevicesbyVendor> ListHDDevicesbyVendor_v )
         // constructor code

How should i have my VF page to set show the inner list also show in the same columns? I have a Lsit of class HDDevicesArea which i would repeat in VF page. I also have List ListHDDevicesbyVendor within the class HDDevicesbyArea

I need to show ListHDDevicesbyVendor using the same columns as HDDevicesbyArea

<apex:pageBlock id="theResultBlock" >
    <apex:pageBlockSection id="ResultSection" columns="1" >
     <table width="100%" cellpadding ="1" cellspacing = "1">
            <th>Area / Vendor</th>

              <apex:repeat value="{!HDDevicesbyArea}" var="HD" id="theRepeat">
              <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Vendor"} /></td>
              <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Current"}</td>
              <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Allocated"}</td>

Thanks in Advance

Attribution to: Prady

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I would imagine two structures, one for traversing and one for looking up to:

Map <string, HDDevicesbyArea> allocationMap


List <string> keyNames

In the List keep adding the list of values as in the hierarchy, eg {NewYork, NYVendor1, NYVendor2, Philadelphia, PHVendor 1, PHVendor2}

In your apex:repeat iterate over this flat list,

However to render fetch details from the map allocationMap[var]

<apex:repeat value="{!keyNames}"  var="keyName">
 <td><apex:outputText value= "{!allocationMap[keyName].HD_Vendor"} /></td>
 <td><apex:outputText value= "{!allocationMap[keyName].HD_Current"}</td>
 <td><apex:outputText value= "{!allocationMap[keyName].HD_Allocated"}</td>

In this way you traverse over a flat list but lookup to the Map for rendering

Attribution to: techtrekker

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

I'd avoid using datatable as per your comments, as its quite difficult to do anything other than iterate a common set of data and output a column per property. I think this is simply a matter of iterating the inner list and generating its own HTML table rows. E.g.

<apex:repeat value="{!HDDevicesbyArea}" var="HD" id="theRepeat">
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Area"} /></td>
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Current"}</td>
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!HD.HD_Allocated"}</td>

  <apex:repeat value="{!HD.ListHDDevicesbyVendor}" var="dev">
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!dev.HD_Vendor}" /></td>
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!dev.HD_Current"}</td>
     <td><apex:outputText value= "{!dev.HD_Allocated"}</td>

That way the first row in the repeat contains the area and current/allocated, and the following rows contain the vendor and the current/allocated.

Attribution to: Bob Buzzard
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