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Deployment Results - What do the Line and Column refer to?


I am trying to deploy an application from a sandbox to production. Validation of the inbound change fails. When I view the reasons for the failure I see there are five headings in the Component Deployment Results table: API Name, Type, Line, Column, Problem.

The line and column headings give me some hope there could be some logs available that will let me decipher the somewhat cryptic Problem statement (this is a dashboard issue) which says:

The values of chartSummary and/or groupingColumn are not compatible with the autoselectColumnsFromReport mode for Metric

Is there a log that I can look at?
If not, how would I determine which particular element of the dashboard is causing me problems here?


Attribution to: Joe

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

OK. The line and column in this particular case (a dashboard) refers to the metadata xml file for the dashboard that can be accessed through the IDE.

If the error had been for a trigger or some other Apex code, the line and column would obviously refer directly to the line and column of the Apex code.

Attribution to: Joe
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