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Deploy to different environments using Eclipse


I am new to deploying from one org to another, Can someone refer some good documentation on how to deploy using Eclipse.

Also, any steps / pointers would be great..

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Please checkout following links. They may be helpful for you.

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This page describes how to deploy with Eclipse or the IDE:

And this page describes the development life cycle:

Another resource if you want to deploy metadata via the Migration Tool:

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In addition to the above a not well known feature is, that in a eclipse project you can select multiple files using CTRL, then right click on one of the selected resources and select " to server..." in the context menu. That way you will deploy the subselection only, and will not be bothered with a huge list of classes/pages/etc that you have to search for the right files.


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My favorite is MavensMate-Atom

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I cannot tell of any step-by-step user's guide on the subject. But I will recommend to read carefully the Salesforce documentation like:

  • IDE in the technical library, at the end of the page there are links that lead you to forums and Frequently Asked Questions that might help.
  • Other good place is the Metadata API Developer Guide. You need to understand what you can do with the Metadata API (at the end the IDE plugin use it).
  • Last but not least, be sure to follow the guidelines in Development Lifecycle Guide / Deploying to Production.

I created a tool deployPKG that simplifies the work using the Metadata API. Check out this post : Deploy to Production in 4 Steps

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