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Debugging packages for Professional orgs


We have a managed package that works in Enterprise and Unlimited orgs. We are working on getting it working in Professional. The version we have works fine in the development org but when installed in a Professional org some pieces seem to not be working. How are we supposed to debug this?

The developer console doesn't seem to really do anything in Professional so I'm not sure how to do SOQL queries, run code directly, or get log information. I'm basically at a loss as to how to figure out what is not working much less how to fix it.

Edit: More Info

The apps (there are 2) install successfully. There are triggers involved. The only way to see if the triggers are installed is to go to "Installed Packages" > [Package] > "View Components". I am under the impression that triggers should be fine in Professional. While I would like a general answer as to how one can debug things in a Professional org environment, I have a feeling that the offending line of code is the following:

List<ApexTrigger> triggers = [SELECT Name, TableEnumOrId, Body FROM ApexTrigger];

The code that isn't working should loop over this collection and display information based on what it finds there. It is currently returning a message that there is nothing to display. The problem could be further down the chain - I'm trying to figure out how to determine where the problem is.

Ideally there would be a way to have full debug tools like in enterprise but run under the limitations of Professional, but that's probably hoping for too much.

Attribution to: Ryan Elkins

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You need to figure out what all your package components are and which of them might not be available in PE.

  1. Does the app even install or uninstall successfully?
  2. Do you include Ajax Toolkit SOAP Web-services in your controllers?
  3. Do you include permission sets or record types?

Attribution to: jordan.baucke

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

One thing I found that helps, is that the Developer Console in Winter 13 has a "Query Editor" - it is a tab in the same tab group as "Logs" and "Repository". It lets you run SOQL queries and returns the result.

This at least allowed me to test some of the queries I was concerned about. Using this I was able to test the SOQL I mentioned above and found out that:

sObject type 'ApexTrigger' is not supported.

So that's why my code isn't working in this case.

Attribution to: Ryan Elkins
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