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Dashboard/Report to display the data counts


I am trying to find out a way to report on all the data counts in the Organization. So one report to get all the objects and their data counts in the system. I don't see any standard way to built that report and i thought of custom approach too which will hit the governor limits since we have 350 custom objects in our system.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this or do you suggest any appexchange tool that can perform this?

Below is the kind of report i am looking for:

Object Name   Data Count
Account         1000
Contact         2000

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

If your objective is merely to monitor data volumes, you can see this in Setup > Company Profile > Company Information.

There you see a link for Used Data Space which you can click on and it takes you to a page which gives you a list of objects that are using the most storage along with their record counts.

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