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Custom Report Type Broken


I deployed a change set that included two custom report types for accounts with opportunities. These two custom report types sat next to an existing custom report type.

Ever since this deployment took place, the existing custom report type has failed to display any results. It's as if the original custom report type relationship has been broken (accounts with at least one opportunity).

Has anyone experienced this problem before and if so, how did they resolve it?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I'm always falling for this one so maybe it's a valid answer.

I'm a System Administrator so I see all data but in terms of Role hierarchy I'm not on the top of the food chain; there's "Director of IT", "CEO" etc. above me. When I make a new Opportunity-related report it memorizes the hierarchy and gives me 0 rows in the edit page even with "all opportunities" selected. I need to run the report, click the top Role, then I'll truly see all data in the org I want and can happily go back to crafting and saving the report.

Org wide defaults for Opportunities are "private + grant access using hierarchies", same for Accounts.

I suspect it's something like that because if the report type is truly "broken" you get a more specific message.


Check if any of following has changed:

  • admin has disabled "Allow Reports" on custom object (if there's any in the report type),
  • filter in report is based on a field that was deleted / user lost the visibility due to field-level security
  • master-detail changes (again, that would be only on custom object if there's any in the report type, not on Account-Opportunity link)

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