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Custom Logic in Standard List View


Our client wants to use the standard Contact List View functionality to display Lists of Contacts.

Let's say that there needs to be a List View called 'My Special Contacts'. The way to determine a 'Special Contact' is through a Custom Object, UserSpecialContacts__c which has a lookup to a user and a lookup to a Contact.

The logic for the My Special Contacts should therefore something like

List<Contact> c = Select Contact__c from UserSpecialContacts where User__c = (current running user).

Now, it looks as though I cannot achieve this through Salesforce filter logic etc. I understand that it may be possible as a report, but is there any way I can make this happen so that it appears as a list view? I can use Visualforce Pages if necessary, but rewriting the whole List View page is probably not an option so I would need to extend an existing component.

Attribution to: George S.

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

One thing you could do is make the lookup to Contact from UserSpecialContacts Master-Detail, That way you can create a Roll-Up-Summary field on Contact for example:

  • Create Roll Up Summary Field: count_special_contacts__c (which just counts the amount of special contacts)

  • then in your filter of the list view you can create where count_special_contacts__c greater than 0

This way your view will only show contacts which has at least 1 special contact as child record

Your other option is writing the visualforce page or use a report

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

I'm afraid you have to create a VF page and use it as a custom VF tab (since you can't even override the Contacts Tab).

Sir, it's an awesome question cracks me up that we can't do such a simple thing :) Does it really have to be a related object that drives the logic? Won't a (multiselect) picklist on Contact do, as nasty as it sounds in terms of maintenance?

EDIT: 3 more ideas:

  1. You can build listview filter on contacts using a Campaign (I won't be surprised if it works for only when you have "Marketing User" ticked) - would that work?
  2. Would it work for you to enable tags (maybe only personal tags)? They're still fairly easy to search from sidebar/global search and look like working with them is less hassle than inserting new entries on a related list. Maybe even combine it with a list view button for mass add/remove tags...
  3. Similar one about following them with Chatter?

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