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Custom Button Return URL (retURL)


I am using a custom button to execute a flow and a retURL tag to return to the record after the flow has been completed.


The button is currently set to display in the current window w/o header or sidebar.

I would like to set the custom button to display w/o a sidebar BUT WITH THE HEADER

Does anyone know of any URL parameters I can pass in to the retURL to return to said URL but without a side bar or header.

This is to prevent the frame in frame look - Thanks

Attribution to: Justin J Carlson

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

The easiest way would be to embed the Flow in a visualforce page and have your button call your page. When you embed your flow there's a completion attribute you can assign to return the user when the flow is completed.

Attribution to: Salesforce Wizard

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

I reckon isdtp=vw (the magic service console parameter) should do it.

Attribution to: techtrekker
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