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Contact Activity Report (or Contact report with Activity Cross-Filter)


Does anyone know of a way to gather Contacts without activities within a certain time frame (ie: 30 days) and not assigned to a specific user?

I've tried a Contact report with the cross filter of "AND Contacts without Activities, Date not equal to LAST 30 DAYS, Assigned To not equal to (user)".

The above doesn't seem to filter correctly. I tried to reverse the Activities Filters but that didn't seem to work either.

Attribution to: pdxjake

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I think I have a solution for you:

  1. Created a report based on Accounts and Contacts
  2. Added a regular filter on Contact Owner (e.g. Contact Owner not equal [user name])
  3. Added a cross-filter for Contacts with Activities
  4. Sub cross-filter for Activity Created Date equals "Last 30 days"

enter image description here

If you want to also pull in Activity data, you should consider a Custom Report Type (CRT), as well.

  1. Click My Name -> Setup -> App Setup -> Create -> Report Types
  2. Choose Contacts as your base object
  3. Fill in the required fields and then choose Activities for your relationship
  4. Build a report using your new CRT

enter image description here

Attribution to: Mike Chale
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