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can we override start field with custom fields in event object


can we put custom date field & custom picklist field with no's in it. IN start(SartDateTime) field in event object with trigger code. plz can any one provide me with a sample code please

when event is created for opportunity, date field and picklist field should override the star feild and populate the custom fields values.

Attribution to: rakesh

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Step 1: Create a VF page like : New_event_Override:

<apex:page standardController="event" action="{!urlredirect}" extensions="event_override">


public with sharing class event_override {
public date custom_date;
public string custom_picklistval;
    public event_override(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
    custom_date = date.newInstance(2012, 11, 30);
    custom_picklistval = '07:00 AM';
    public pagereference urlredirect(){
    Pagereference page = new pagereference('/00U/e');
    return page;

NOTE : The way I get the 'StartDateTime' and 'StartDateTime_time' is by going to the input field next to the start right clicking on the field and inspecting element in chrome ( this gives the Id of the field , which we can override)

Attribution to: Rao
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