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Can a task that is generated from a workflow set off a time trigger to fire another task?


I have a task that generates when a record is created off a Custom OBject. I tried to create another workflow on the Task object that would fire when that task is generated, but it did not work. The workflow works fine when I create a task manually, but when the task is created through another workflow, it doesn't trigger the workflow on the Task object.

Has anyone else run into a situation where they wanted a workflow to fire another workflow, is this not possible through workflows? Are there any ideas on how to do this through Apex?

Thanks in advance!

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Edit: I misread the Idea initially and did more research.

Yes, workflows can trigger other workflows. There is a request for it and it was delivered Spring '12. Going through the Salesforce documentation offers an idea: Time-based workflows need a default user; do you have one configured?

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