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Can I change the standard tab styles?


I have a requirement to change the standard tab styles, i.e.

enter image description here

to something like this:

enter image description here

I can't find anything on the web which deals with this - obviously you can change the tab icons for when you click on the tab but that's about it. I would need to add an icon, change the background color, font, etc.

The client is sure he's seen this kind of customization been done before. Is there any way?

Attribution to: George S.

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I am sure that you can do this using Jquery libs/using VF Pages, But not too sure if you could override the style sheets of the tabs used by SFDC by default.

Would be interesting read if some one says yes and posts a solution for this.

Attribution to: Rao

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You cannot change the styles of the standard tabs. You can however set tab-styles via the 'Tab' setup for a custom object or VF tab.

I've done the JS manipulation with using non-standard controllers and tabs like this before, but it was less than ideal and not very stable.

Attribution to: jordan.baucke

Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

It can be done in Partner because you get a header / footer you can inject JS/HTML into in order to override the SF styles (Basically, you are re-writing the SF CSS on the fly) and I've done this on occasion. Given the ability to add HTML sections to the navigation sidebar this approach could theoretically be applied to the standard SF UI (as long as the side bar is displayed).

The client should be warned it will likely require support and maintenance over time if/when SF changes its CSS.

Attribution to: Steven Herod

Possible Suggestion/Solution #4

I would not really recommend to do this, it would cause a lot of checking in html tags and a lot of work to implement a new style and what is the benefit?

and like Steven Herod says if salesforce changes again some styles or tag names then you would need to update your code also.

Attribution to: Sven Delporte
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