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Campaign and account reports


Is it me or everyone face issues when it comes to reporting on accounts from campaign ?

I am trying to see all the accounts related to a campaign

I do not see a report where I can pull campaigns with reports :(

Is there something I am missing ?

Attribution to: Rao

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

So this was my approach

Step 1: Created a lookup between Accounts and Campaigns

Step 2: Created a custom report and related Campaigns with Activities

Step 3: Created a report with custom type Challenge : This report filter does not have link to the account__c it has only :(

My requirement was to pass the accountID to the report's pv0 and generate a report Reason: Conga button passes over the accountID to the report and generates the data on the report.

Solution: conga fortunately lets you pass the pv0 as an optional param :

I passed the accountname to the pv0 of the report = '00OK0000000FaWU' related to the accountID passed to the button by a VF page. 

pv0={!Account.Name} (do not give the line break here as I did the button will break there should be no line break, I did it to highlight the pv0 part) &DS7=13 &OCNR=1

If someones wondering about how to pass value to a standard button look below :

Use the URLFOR function and pass the value to the button

button name : Conga_Composer_temp ( not the label)

<apex:commandButton value="Export Report"
<Script Language="JavaScript">
function openConga() {'{!URLFOR($Action.Account.Conga_Composer_temp,Account_Id)}', '','scrollbars=yes,menubar=no,height=800,width=700,resizable=yes, toolbar=no,location=no,status=yes'); }


Phew !!!! Hope this helps someone who wants to design a custom report using conga :/

Attribution to: Rao
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