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Button Validation Logic


I came across a simple example for validating that when a button is clicked, it verifies that something is true or false in the Record before allowing the normal button logic.


if(ISBLANK({!Opportunity.Amount})) {
alert ("Opportunity Amount cannot be blank");
} else {
*** would be normal result here ****
*** such as:'/500/e?retURL=%2F500%2Fo&etcetcetc...'); ***

But it complains about "Opportunity" not being defined. Can someone help..?

ADDED: Button is located on a standard Opportunity page layout.

ADDED: New code (minus the ELSE section)...



var t = { ! ISBLANK( Opportunity.Amount ) };
alert(t + ' ' + typeof t);

if( !Opportunity.Company_Is_NEXT_STEP__c  ) {
alert ("NEXT STEP checkbox must be selected (just an example error)");

} else {
*****  else routine - works fine *****

RESULT OF THE above is (verbatim): "Unexpected token !"

Attribution to: AMM

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Check what does this return for you:

var value = '{!Opportunity.Amount}';
var blankTest = {!ISBLANK(Opportunity.Amount)};
alert (value + "\r\n" + typeof blankTest + ' ' + blankTest);

(note that you had syntax error, ISBLANK should be within the {!...})

RE: "Unexpected token !"

No, you can't have code like { ! ... and expect it to work! Maybe you did it for nice formatting but there's no way it will work... Curly brace, immediately followed by exclamation mark....

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Attribution to: eyescream
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