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Bulk Update the "My Social Accounts and Contacts" Preference for all Users


I'd like to enable Social Accounts and Contacts in our org, and then bulk update all Users to NOT have the "Use Social Accounts and Contacts" setting enabled.

This would allow me to then send out a notice that anyone who wanted to use the feature could turn it on. With our use of the platform, I find it likely that only a very small percentage of our users will benefit, most will find it an annoyance.

I've extracted the User table from a sandbox org (in which I have enabled Social Contacts), and can't find a field that corresponds to this setting. I've also looked to see if there is a separate object that handles this permission.

Attribution to: ModestCowboyDan

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I agree, there no permission for that.

Attribution to: Michael Gill
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