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Android Interview Questions - Verizon


What kind of third party libraries used?

Volley1.1.1 for network operations.

Type of requests - StringRequest, JSONObjectRequest, 

How to cancel all the request?

In onStop()
How Volley works?
When you make an request, it goes to cache thread and check if cache available for the request if yes it serves the response from cache to main thread.
If not,NetworkDispatcher receives the request from cache thread to network thread and make an http call and store response in cache then served to main thread.

Have you used request interceptor?

How do you test?

What is used MVC or?

When to use activity and when to use fragment?

What is IntentService?

From what api level you have experience?

What is ListView?

Have you used ViewHolder pattern?

Why RecyclerView?

Which is best ListView with view holder vs RecylerView?

Recyclerview was created as a listview improvement, so yes, you can create an attached list with listview control but
using recyclerview is easier as it
1. Reuses cells while scrolling up/down - this is possible using viewholder however it is optional
2. Decouples list from its container - you can put list items easily at run time in the different cotnainer
mRecyclerView = (RecyclerView) findViewById(;
mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager(new LinearLayoutManager(this));
mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager(new GridLayoutManager(this, 2));

3. Animates common list actions - Animations are decoupled and delegated to ItemAnimator.


Android broadcast receiver interview questions


1. What is android:exported = true in receiver tag?

if it is true then your application can receive the broadcast from the system else it can receive the broad cast message only send by your application not others or system.

2. Static vs dynamic broadcast receiver?


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