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Alternative layout for tabPanel?


The <apex:tabPanel> element displays with a row of horizontal tabs, like so:

Sample tabPanel from docs

Is there a way to indicate an alternative layout, such as a column of tab buttons with the content to the side?

(I know it's possible to make stylistic changes by using styleClass and css, but since tabPanels are (by default) rendered in a whole mess of <table> tags, I can't figure out a way to rearrange the underlying elements.)

Attribution to: Benj

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I'm afraid you don't have many options with your tag, however, nothing stops you from writing HTML/CSS/Javascript yourself in Visualforce and making the layout you want, however some web development knowledge is required to accomplish that.

Attribution to: pjcarly

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Add this style to the top of your Visualforce page: <apex:stylesheet value="/sCSS/21.0/sprites/1297816277000/Theme3/default/gc/versioning.css" />

Attribution to: Elie Perez
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