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AJAX communication on visualforce > Internet Explorer 8/9 issues


I have a Salesforce app and the developers are struggling to get it to work with IE8/9.

It works fine on chrome, firefox and safari but there appears to be an issue related to the APEX communication between ie8/9 and Visualforce.

The 'fixes' in the following blog post have been tried and they dont seem to fix the issue.

The problem appears to be with the AJAX communication between Visualforce and Apex code, in that communication information/signals from the presentation layer (Visualforce), is not reaching the business layer (Apex code) in IE8/9.

Does anyone know if there is a viable fix or workaround for the the problems associated with AJAX communication between Visualforce and Ajax layers on Internet Explorer 8 and 9?

Attribution to: Garry2013

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Gary2013 has the answer in a comment but has not been back to post it as an answer. To help others, the link to the bug report and work around is

Attribution to: Bob Roberts
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